Blessings to all my good friends for their kind words on my behalf. I am honored to have served all these wonderful people.

“”You are a tremendously gifted person. You’ve got the intelligence, education, experience, people skills, speaking ability, love, warmth, fun personality, balance, integrity, dedication, caring and, well, everything to be an incredible minister and spiritual leader.”

—Carolyn Bauer, Unity Center for Positive Living Board of Trustees, Nashville

“I really enjoyed your meditation this morning. I thought it was one of the most powerful and impactful that I’ve ever heard.”

—Ellis McGee, Unity Church of Overland Park Board of Trustees

“Having worked intimately with Elizabeth as my board president when I first arrived at Unity of Fox Valley I feel extremely blessed. Elizabeth guided our church through a difficult ministerial transition in the months before I arrived and was not afraid to ask for input and help from both Association sources and other ministers. She created a supportive and welcoming environment that made stepping into the position of senior minister a smooth one. Her leadership, speaking ability, and musical talent will make her an asset to any spiritual community open to spirit’s call to come up higher.”

—Rev. Jan Little, Senior Minister, Fox Valley Unity (Batavia, IL)

“Elizabeth is a dynamic, powerful presence who is very spiritual, very well spoken, and highly effective in her presentations.”

—Chris Foster, Professional Musician

“Elizabeth is awesome! Exuberant, insightful, spiritual, knowledgeable, welcoming, and loving.”

—Workshop Attendee, Unity Temple on the Plaza Board of Trustees

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"Elizabeth is an extremely talented individual, with excellent public speaking skills. She looks at everything partly sunny versus partly cloudy and has a fabulous personality. Elizabeth would be a fantastic asset to any organization!
    —John Einsfeld, former General Manager at Nestlé
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